Memento Mori


I could not be more excited to finally get some new music out!

New record “Like Structures” will be released August 5th, 2014 through Artery Recordings. Let’s go!

Activity, oh my god. I’m so happy.

During the scene where Billy and Frank are talking, Jack Nicholson felt that he wasn’t “intimidating” enough. Director Martin Scorsese reveals that the next day, Nicholson shocked everyone on set by deviating from the script and pulling out a weapon to frighten his co-star and provoke a genuine reaction. Scorsese says, “He pulled a gun on him. He didn’t tell me he had a gun. It was great… Leo’s reaction is real-time. I still get chills… It’s so real to me.” Of the incident, Dicaprio says, “It was one of the most memorable moments of my life, as far as being an actor is concerned.”


"Early Game" by Jake Neal

This makes the act of beating on a slime with a pick seem so epic. 


Superman #17. The debut of the Cosmic Entity Oracle